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Speech Topics

Pulling out your hair?
You Need a WIG (a Wildly Insane Goal) to Focus Your Time and Money

Synopsis: Most of us don’t realize the incredible constructive — and destructive — power of words, especially in a business environment. In this insightful and practical workshop, we’ll examine creative statements from successful leaders, as well as the critical elements that make a strong future-making declaration. Believe it! If you say it, it can happen.

Expected Outcomes: Participants will gain an awareness of the positive and negative language they use daily, learn to utilize feedback tools to eliminate negative words and discover a process for writing powerful declarations for their personal and business dreams.


Fire Your Worst Customers!
How to Discover Customer Insights and Target Who’s Right for Your Business

Synopsis: “Joe — why do keep going to to that lousy deli? They have the worst food in town!” “I don’t know. The food’s not that bad, plus I like seeing the guys and catching up.” Ah ha! Deep down, your customers come to you for something other than a good deal. Understanding the deep-seated needs you serve helps you find the right customers — and stop wasting your time on the ones you’ll never retain.

Expected Outcomes: Attendees will learn the difference between facts and insights, particularly how insights always reveal an emotional experience that must be satisfied. They’ll leave with a process for developing insights about their customers’ true needs and a roadmap of what to do next.


Three Gifts You Give Every Customer —
Whether You Know It or Not

Synopsis: Sure, your new iPhone 5 has a ton of new features, but how did you feel when you opened the Apple box, and more importantly, how did others view you when you fired up Facetime? Every product functions, makes us feel certain emotions and evokes reactions from others. Consciously knowing what your brands, products and services give your customers helps you communicate what’s really important.

Expected Outcomes: Listeners will be able to distinguish between functional, emotional and self-expressive customer benefits, as well as see examples of how they impact business advertising and marketing.


Zig When Competitors Zag:
Mapping Your Business’ Strengths Against Competitors

Synopsis: How hard could it be, owning a dry cleaning franchise? Real hard, if the guy down the street decides to offer a flat monthly charge for unlimited items. Understanding why customers choose competitive products and service, then deliberately choosing at least three points of difference can set your business apart for the long haul and crush competitors.

Expected Outcomes: Audience members will discover real-world examples of companies choosing the road less taken, then be introduced to the Points of Difference chart, which they can complete for their own personal brand or business.


What’s next?
Consumer and Business Trends Changing our Lives – and Your Market

Synopsis: Facebook and Twitter – check. But what about Cloud Computing, Always On, Smartsourcing or Second Screens? Think the next target market is Gen Y? Maybe not. Planned Spontaneity. Crowdfunding. Random Acts of Company Kindness. We’ll explore market trends critical to your audience and business, and give advice on how to capitalize on them. 

Expected Outcomes
: Audiences will gain an awareness of global consumer trends and walk away with a list of research opportunities that could fuel new growth for their business.


What Kind of a Leader Are You?

Synopsis: DISC. Myers-Briggs. StrengthsFinder. CR&T. Understanding your personality profile and how you interact with others can build awareness and help you become a more effective staff leader, customer servant and business partner. Learn how to get the feedback you need, communicate your strengths and weaknesses, and transform everyday conversations.

Expected Outcomes: Attendees will gain a basic understanding of what personality and workstyle assessments can reveal about their primary communication style, as well as discover some practical to capitalize on strengths — and minimize weaknesses. Most importantly, they should see how misunderstandings and resentments melt away with just a conscious change of approach.

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